1. We’re really excited to announce that we are going to be releasing a collection of artwork by Lauren Denitzio entitledHow Do You Like What You Have. The 40-page booklet is professionally printed on high quality paper. 
    People familiar with Don Giovanni Records are probably already familiar with both Lauren Denitzio and their artwork. In addition to playing guitar and singing in The Measure (SA) and Worriers, Lauren also did all of the artwork for those bands and a number of other bands on and off Don Giovanni.
    The first printing of the booklets will include a signed and numbered edition limited to 75 for mail order only, as well as a non-signed and numbered edition that will be available through Lauren at Worriers shows and our website.
    Pre-orders for both editions will go up Friday on our website.
    In addition, Lauren will first have copies available at Brooklyn Zine Fest at the For The Birds table on April 26th, and again the following night April 27th at a release party for the book with performances by ShellshagChumped, and Worriers.


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    Can’t wait to play Lauren’s book release show on the 27th!
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    Lauren is damn talented, this looks lovely. grab a copy!
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    We’re playing in a few weeks with Chumped and Shellshag when my book comes out! This is our next NYC show.
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    Lauren Denitzio (The Measure SA, Worriers) is releasing an art-booklet! For those of you who don’t know who she is,...
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    So this is happening!
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